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Improving your oral health just got easier

At Sudbury Dental Hygiene, we know that there are more benefits to proper oral health than just a nice bright smile; in fact, poor dental health can increase the risk of other health problems.
Since the passing of Bill 171, Dental Hygienists no longer need an “order” from a Dentist to clean their client’s teeth. This means that members of the public will be able to have their teeth cleaned by dental hygienists in independent dental hygiene clinics, in a range of health care venues.
We accept dental insurance plans. For those of you who have no dental insurance, our fees are often up to 30% less and we accept all methods of payments. See the SGA Dental Benefits for more information.


Our mission is geared around a non-compromising philosophy: exceed the accepted standard of care. Doing so required proper equipment, systems, checks and balances and so on. Finally, continuous quality improvement and assurance was and is always maintained.